Hey there! Thanks for dropping by my site! My name is River Chad but you can just call me ‘River’ or ‘Chad’. I am a photographer, photo retoucher and traveler currently travelling and exploring my home-country, the Philippines.


I started photography when I was in high-school in an effort to be part of the school-paper. But it's only until I moved abroad when I started doing it professionally. I mainly professionalize in 'Portraiture' and 'Travel' Photography, though I accept some "Wedding Photography' assignments occasionally; mostly from friends or family who are getting married.  

Some of my works have been featured in Dubai based magazines such as 'Men's Health Middle East' and 'Ahlan  Magazine'. I also got featured in the 'Manila Times', one of the leading national broadsheets in the Philippines and also one of the oldest, having been founded on 1898. Click here to inquire for a photo shoot!

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My life goal is basically the same as most travelers out there, to be able to visit all countries in the world.


I started traveling internationally when I was nineteen, but prior to that, I tried to visit as much province in the Philippines before moving abroad. So far, I was able to tick 40 out of the 81 provinces. So I guess ‘travel’ really is in my DNA. 

I also aim to provide useful information and tips from my previous travel experiences through my blog. As well as sharing tips, advices and list of requirements when applying for a visa for a specific country, mostly from countries which I have experience applying for a visa.