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Top Things To Do and See in Helsinki

Few months back, I visited beautiful Helsinki upon my intention to tick it off my bucket-list. Helsinki in Finland has always been a dream destination for me since it’s one of those European Cities which I often heard about while growing up in the Philippines.

In this article, I will be sharing some of the best things to do and sites to see in Helsinki. But first, I will be sharing a few facts about the city: The city is situated on the northern shore of the Gulf of Finland. It has over three-hundred islands interconnected with many bridges therefore, water transport is widespread. The city has over thousand of places for people to park their boats as well as several marinas where yacht owners park their boats during winter season.

Did I also mention that Helsinki currently holds the record for having the lowest average temperature amongst all capital cities in the world? Yeah, and it has around 50-60 days per year where you cannot see the sun shining in the sky. With that being said, Helsinki is basically rainy most of the time and according to google, there are only around one hundred twenty rainy days in the Finnish capital each year.

Well, below are my own compilation of the best things to do and sites to see in beautiful Helsinki!

Helsinki Cathedral

Located in the center of the Senate Square, this Finnish Cathedral boasts a Neoclassic style architecture. It is one of the most photographed churches in Europe and it is also considered to be the symbol of Helsinki. You know what they say, you haven’t been to Helsinki at all when you didn’t have any photograph with the Helsinki Cathedral in the background.

Uspenski Cathedral

Often referred to as the ‘Red Church’. It is is an Eastern Orthodox cathedral in Helsinki, Finland as well as being the main cathedral of the Orthodox Church of Finland, dedicated to the Dormition of the Theotokos. Definitely a site to behold when visiting Helsinki.

Helsinki Design District

Located in the city-center, Helsinki’s design district is the city’s high-street. You can find different fashion brands both international and local within the areas of this district. Definitely a must-go place for fashion enthusiasts.

Helsinki Zoo

My favorite place in Helsinki. The Helsinki Zoo is one of the most unique zoos I’ve ever been to, as the zoo is actually an island itself. It houses quite a range of species and it has an indoor establishments as well for tropical animals. A great place for those who love animals. There are two main ways to reach this place, either through a ferry-ride or through bus-ride. Just note that the ferry-ride option is not available all year-round, only during the warmer months when the water is not frozen. However, bus-ride option is available all year-round.

Teatro Nazionale Finlandese( Finnish National Theatre)

If you love theatre plays, then this definitely is the place for you to visit. Located just a few meters from the Main Railway Station, the Finnish National Theatre is worth visiting. It is one of Helsinki’s icons as it is the oldest performing theatre in the city.

Allas Sea Pool

If you simply want to relax with a great view, then this is the place for you. Allas Sea Pool is located just a few-minutes walk from Helsinki Cathedral and Uspenski Cathedral, so when you’re exploring those places, make sure to also include Allas Sea Pool.

Sibelius Monument

Located just 15 minutes from the city center, this monument is a must visit, especially if you are a music enthusiast. This monument was built by Finnish artist Eila Hiltunen in honor of Jean Sibelius, a Finnish Composer.

Have you been to Helsinki? How was your experience?! Tell us through the comment section below!

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