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Top Reasons to Visit Assisi

Before the pandemic happened, I traveled with my friend across Italy for two-whole weeks. One of the most unforgettable places we’ve been to is in Assisi. Assisi wasn’t in our itinerary originally. We were currently in Rome then I found out that one of my very good friend was in Umbria, Italy together with her daughter. So we decided to meet-up, and Assisi served as our meeting place.

 So we left Rome the following day, we had a rent-car so basically we drove from the Italian capital to Assisi. To be honest, I didn’t know what to expect in Assisi, except that I know that is the birth-place of St. Francis and of course, that It is a town located on top of a hill. So when we were arriving and started to see a glimpse of Assisi from afar, I was totally surprised as to how vast it is.-I was expecting a smaller town, and when we arrived, the beauty of this town just took our breath away, like literally. 

So in this article, I will be sharing some things I compiled as to why you should visit or include Assisi in your Italy-Travel Itinerary. As well as some photos to illustrate the beauty of this gem. 

Here are few facts about Assisi:

It is a majestic town situated on top of a hill in the region of Umbria and it is famously known as the birthplace of St. Francis, Italy’s patron saint. 

For centuries, religious pilgrims have come here to visit two main Basilicas, the Basilica of San Francisco and the Basilica of Santa Chiara, two beautiful vast churches where each saint is buried. 

Assisi was founded on the 12th Century. Yeah, it’s one of the oldest town ever. Most places in Umbria has tons of history, and history is a journey to discovery and Assisi is a good place to start. 

Top Reasons to Visit Assisi

If you’re visiting Rome and has a day or two to spare, you can pretty much go to Assisi for a day-trip. It Is only an hour and a half drive from the Italian Capital. There are some speed-train options as well. Both will offer a scenic view, so either or.

If you want to go to a place where you want to feel a special spiritual connection, then Assisi is the best place. This town does exude a certain holy mysticism, and I have felt that when I visited the place. 

The Umbrian landscape as seen from the town is ultra-breath-taking. As a photographer, I was so happy with the landscape photos I took here. 

Umbria Landscape as seen from Assisi.

There are tons of really-good restaurants around, as well as cafes and pubs to dine in for a break, in case you’ll feel hungry and thirsty from exploring. 

Assisi is one of the most-photogenic places I’ve ever been to. Its old cobbled-streets and brick infrastructures built centuries ago will surely take you back in time. So make sure to take tons of photographs! 

Things to do in Assisi

Get lost in this beautiful town! This is the best way for you to actually discover it’s real beauty. Though I  advise that you begin your wanderings at the top of the town so you can enjoy the city going down the hill. You know what they say, it’s easier to go down than to go up. 

Visit The basilica of St. Francis.  One of the major highlights of Assisi, so make sure to pass through here during your exploration. From here, it also offers an amazing view of the Umbrian Landscape. 

Dine-in in one of the restaurants in Assisi. This is a must, for you to experience the goodness of Italian Cuisines at its finest. You can check some of the best restaurants here

Stay for the night! It is recommended to stay a night or two in this beautiful town for you to see its beauty during night time or see the sunrise on the following day. There are lots of accommodations to stay in Assisi. You can check some of the best places to stay in Assisi here

Men lose all the material things they leave behind them in this world, but they carry with them the reward of their charity and the alms they give. For these, they will receive from the Lord the reward and recompense they deserve. -St Francis of Assisi

Have you ever been to Assisi? How was your experience?! Tell us through the comment section below. 

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